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Embedded Perl using Mason

I have been thinking to write about ‘Mason’ for long time and finally its here now!

Why ‘Mason’?

When it comes to do more organized approach for designing the whole application platform, you certainly have to choose some template mechanism. Templating modules like HTML::Template are appropriate for light weight solutions. But when we need more manageable sophisticated system, if we choose just the templating solution, we may end up writing too much code to manage the whole system. Then that’s where ‘Mason’ helps to integrate the application with the backend systems and with caching and error handling.

If you need just simple couple of templates for the application, HTML::Template is the way to go. As I said, its the light weight solution and is very fast in rendering the pages by filling up the template variables.

Mason can be downloaded and installed similar to any other CPAN module. My personal recommendation is to use Mason along with mod_perl to boost up the performance.

For more information click here. Its a very good starting point to learn about ‘Mason’.

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