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Why use LDAP?

May 10, 2011 Leave a comment

LDAP is an application layer protocol which specifies how data can be accessed through a directory based on X.500 standard.

LDAP directory service has following main features :

(1) Data is written once and need to be read multiple times; Basically the idea here is LDAP perform well where modifications to the schema happens not very often. Transactional data design may not fit into LDAP.

(2) It provides very standardized way of data access, so no need of vendor specific code modifications required if it needs to be ported to different environment.

(3) The LDAP server can be configured with indexes on any attribute, so searches can be made very efficient and large data volume can be handled without any performance penalties.

(4) User authentication and authorization: LDAP provides many security options to secure the communications along with support of SSL/TLS.

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